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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cynical, moi?

The UK's terror alert has been downgraded. It is a couple of weeks past the general election. I sit and wonder if it's possible that anyone could not join the dots with this. They must think we're such idiots, and we do nothing to prove them wrong.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

left wing bias in the BBC

Noticed a lot of the 'left wing biased BBC' nonsense has raised its ugly head again - especially online (,3605,1423439,00.html). A study by Cardiff university found that the BBC aired less dessenting opinions on the Iraq war when it started than CNN did, so by the insane bloggers rationale that must mean that the rest of the US networks are positively Trotskyite in their outlook!

This complete bollocks was aired before, while Thatcher was destroying the country, and is patently nonsense. The BBC, as good as it can sometimes be, is completely in the pockets of the establishment. Just because it hasn't drifted as far right in it's outlook at the Labour party doesn't make it biased, just as the Guardian newspaper's refusal to follow New Labour to the far right (although it has definitely drifted away from the left) doesn't make it the Socialist Worker.

I'd like a fair coverage across the political compass for the media, but at the moment it's MASSIVELY biased towards the right/authoritarian. If there was real balance of opinion goodness knows what the loons would say!