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Thursday, May 19, 2005

happy slapping

it's the school's attitude that beggars belief here:

A spokesman for the school said: "This is a police matter which happened outside school."

1. i thought that a pupil's conduct outside class was very much supposed to be a matter for the school - otherwise what's the point of school uniform? isn't that supposed to make the pupils appear in a way to and from school that reminds them that they are held to a high standard while out among the public?

2. why aren't mobiles banned in schools? what possible good can they be?

3. why haven't the pupils in this school been told that anyone flashing a mobile around will have it confiscated, anyone found with the video on their phone will be suspended and that anyone involved in the attack will be excluded? THAT would be a statement - not the bully-friendly, cop-out, turn-a-blind-eye nonsense that they came out with.

the name of that school again, so that people can avoid sending their kids to a place where bullying is not only tolerated, but seemingly ignored: Plant Hill High School in Blackley